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SAFELAND & SAFELAND RESCUE- the Personal Control Descent Device for escape from both buildings and industrial work areas
Safeland Friction Control Device allows for one hand operation

Have you ever thought how you, your family or colleagues might escape from a high-rise building or work area in the event of an emergency situation where the stairwell and lifts were out of operation?

The fact is that in these situations the emergency services face severe difficulties in rescuing people from heights of 10 storeys or above and further more help may not be at hand if working at remote work sites.

However, now there is a system available, which when used properly can provide a safe and easy method of escape in these harrowing situations – the Safeland Personal Control Descent Device.

Descending using Safeland - click to enlarge
Casualty being lowered using Safeland Rescue - click to enlarge

With all the uncertainty in the modern world, isn’t it time that you gave some serious thought to what can be done to save life in an emergency situation? Safeland helps your organisation meet its duty of care in relation to personnel in an emergency situation.

Safeland is a lightweight device that can be used in extreme emergencies as a means of escape from high-rise buildings, wind turbines, scaffolding, cranes or any other area at height. It enables the user to escape by means of individual controlled descent once it has been attached to a load bearing structure.

This patented device is a modification of the Donut system, which is the offshore oil and gas industry standard method of personal escape. Donut was originally designed and developed as a means of escape from oil platforms after the Piper Alpha tragedy, in 1988, with the cooperation of the UK regulatory authorities and the North Sea oil operators.

Safeland Rescue

What would happen if someone could not use the Safeland Personal Controlled Descent device, either through injury, infirmity, age or any other reason.

A Safeland unit in its sealed bag - click to enlarge
A Safeland unit in its sealed bag - click to enlarge

The Safeland Rescue system is the answer. Safeland Rescue has been specifically designed for the use of lowering injured or incapable persons by trained medical providers. Safeland Rescue can be retrieved and re-used for multiple descents.

Over 80,000 successful descents have been made during training sessions with Donut. When used properly, Safeland:

  • Is an effective way to escape from a high-rise building when all other routes are blocked
  • Is simple to operate
  • Allows the user to descend safely to ground level
  • Allows the user to control the rate of descent with one hand
  • Can be used by virtually anyone, regardless of age, fitness level or disability
  • Lightweight (around 3kgs or 7lbs)
  • Compact and fully portable
  • Contains no moving parts

Click here for the DONUT SAFELAND PDF
Advantages of Safeland
  • Light and portable - can be deployed from a fixing point on any side of a building. This allows the user to descend away from prevailing danger such as smoke or flames.
  • It can be used in conjunction with a smoke hood. Users do not have to 'wait their turn' to use their own Safeland.
  • You can lock Safeland off at any time during a descent to rest or await help.
  • Fitted with a non-spark chemical light stick allowing the user to illuminate their descent or attract attention.
  • Can be used by trained medical providers to lower injured parties to safety using the unit's own harness or a stretcher.
  • Units can be deployed at points on each floor of a building in designated areas. Their compact size makes storage easy.
  • A derivative of Donut - which has proved its reliability in the offshore industry, with Units now having been in the field for over 15 years.
  • Maintenance free (however, the system should be periodically checked, and if the vacuum seal is broken, the unit should be returned to the manufacturer for re-certification).
  • Backed by a worldwide network of product support services, which include training in the use of the product. Each unit is supplied complete with a short instruction DVD with step-by-step instructions on how to use the system.
Donut Safeland Introduction video


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