Our Story

DONUT is the established market leader in the development and manufacture of personal escape descent devices.

Our head office is based in the United Kingdom, with DONUT International Ltd supporting sales, services and training to offshore markets globally. DONUT Safeland Limited provides sales, services & training to the onshore market for building or industrial applications and, with Donut Safeland do Brasil Ltda, provide sales and servicing to Latin America. Together these companies form the DONUT Alliance.

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The people behind the innovation:

Our creators and our vision

We have over 30 years' expertise in the supply, development and manufacture of personal escape equipment for applications within the marine, gas, petroleum, renewable and construction industries, both onshore and offshore, with tens of thousands of units sold and in service globally.

Looking after your biggest assets

Your people are your biggest assets. With rigorous product specification and training, the DONUT Alliance provides real solutions to personal safety in some of the most challenging and hostile working environments, be it at sea or on land.

Working together with our clients

We provide a bespoke service to Operators, with regards to the supply, design and implementation of the DONUT Escape System, onboard their offshore installations. We understand that continual maintenance for mechanical alternatives can be costly which is why the Donut has been designed to be cost-effective.

Our support services

Donut is backed by an international network of alliance companies providing support services, including certified personnel and product training. In order to maintain safety requirements during recertification, hire units are available at cost-effective rates.

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