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Why Donut?

We have over 30 years' expertise in the supply, development and manufacture of personal escape equipment for applications within the petroleum, gas, marine, renewable and construction industries, both onshore and offshore. With tens of thousands of units sold and in service globally, Donut is classed as the industry standard for Personal Controlled Descent Devices.

About us
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DONUT is a simple lightweight personal descent device, designed to assist an evacuee to escape under control from height, either directly to sea or as a guided descent to a liferaft when conventional means of escape are unavailable or inoperable.

Ongoing support

Donut is backed up by DONUT Alliances offices internationally, providing a complete product infrastructure which includes the clients own option of training and recertification centres.


Donut is ISO 9001 approved. It has “approval for use” certification from all the major international regulatory authorities, providing the evacuee and operator with complete confidence.

One off cost

Donut is cost effective - it need only be purchased once. Hire options are available, and it requires minimal maintenance with recertification required only once every 5 years, within an approved Inspection regime.