At DONUT Safety Systems, we prioritise the safety and well-being of offshore personnel by strictly adhering to the highest equipment maintenance and Safety Assurance Testing standards.

DONUT Units meet industry standards and comply with certification requirements. They are constructed according to globally recognised specifications, following the strictest Quality Assurance protocols to ensure proper operation and user satisfaction in emergencies.

Renewal of unit validity guarantees full functionality and readiness for emergency use. Revalidation is conducted through Safety Assurance Testing by Donut International Ltd or an authorised local agent.

It is crucial to conduct independent checks at the correct intervals to maintain the integrity of the DONUT Liferaft Escape System over the full lifespan of the offshore asset.

UK Industry Regulations mandate periodic inspections and testing of all safety equipment. This is in line with the routine servicing of all Life Saving Appliances & Personal Protective Equipment found on vessels and offshore platforms.

Adhering to these regulations and a strict Safety Assurance Testing process ensures the ongoing effectiveness and readiness of the DONUT device for emergency deployment.

Neglecting maintenance schedules could compromise the unit's longevity and performance in crucial situations.

By choosing DONUT Safety Systems you receive a comprehensive service for your offshore Escape & Rescue equipment needs. From initial equipment provision to ongoing support tailored to your requirements we aim to streamline compliance and ease your workload. We meet all your Safety Assurance Testing, Training, and Hire needs.

Our commitment to regulatory compliance and robust Safety Assurance Testing standards guarantees the reliability and performance of the DONUT system, allowing you to focus on your core operations confidently.

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