Donut Safety Systems operates a systematic approach to training to support its range of escape & rescue devices.

This ensures that everyone who may have to use the safety equipment has the correct information, instruction & training so they can respond reliably in an emergency.

Certified Donut Trainers support operators and employers to meet the regulations that requires all workers to be fully Trained in the supplied personal protective equipment.

The Donut Training syllabus includes elements of theory as well as practice in using the equipment.

Practical training includes unpacking, affixing to a suitable anchor point, donning, suspending from the device, lowering and release from the system in different scenarios.

Actual use of the Donut system is vital to ensure optimum effectiveness of the Training. There is no substitute for practical controlled descents in the Donut system; this provides confidence to the workers that they will be able to use the system safely and correctly if the need arises.

On successful completion of the class the trained person will be able to describe correct use of the device and have demonstrated the skills required to use it.

Periodic practical refresher Training benefits all workers by providing the opportunity to ensure that important skills or knowledge have not diminished.

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