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Have you ever thought how you, your family or colleagues might escape from a high-rise building or work area in the event of an emergency situation where the stairwell and lifts were out of operation?

The fact is that in these situations the emergency services face severe difficulties in rescuing people from heights of 10 storeys or above. Furthermore, help may not be at hand if working at remote work sites. However, now there is a system available which can provide a safe and easy method of escape in these harrowing situations – the Safeland Personal Control Descent Device.

With all the uncertainty in the modern world, isn’t it time that you gave some serious thought to what can be done to save lives in an emergency situation? Safeland helps your organisation meet its duty of care in relation to personnel in an emergency situation. Safeland is a lightweight device that can be used in extreme emergencies as a means of escape from high-rise buildings, wind turbines, scaffolding, cranes, drill rigs or any other areas at height. It enables the user to escape by means of individual controlled descent once it has been attached to a load-bearing structure.

Crane Escape

The Donut Safeland Unit is designed for Operator self escape from the Crane Cab or surrounding area, in circumstances such as a fire preventing normal egress.

The Donut Safeland Unit allows the user to lock-off mid descent, unlike inertia reel systems that do not allow the user to stop their descent in the event a hazard is presented below.

MEWP / MCWP Escape

The Donut Safeland Unit is designed for Operator self escape in the event of a total loss of normal or emergency operation and a worker is trapped in the basket at height when a timely repair cannot be carried out. This is especially important for lone workers when transfer to other platforms is not possible. Donut Safeland Devices allow operators to properly safeguard their employees and fulfil their dutyholder requirements

Advantages of Safeland over conventional means:
  • Cost – The Safeland (if properly maintained and recertified) need only be purchased once within the lifetime of an asset.
  • Six monthly inspections – Safeland requires to be inspected only once every 5 years within a recognised inspection scheme.
  • Multi-user system, people may have to wait their turn – Safeland is one man, one use, with no need to wait for others.
  • Fixed system – Safeland is portable, allowing the user to choose the best time and position to make their escape.
  • Mechanical system – Safeland non-mechanical system has no moving parts.
  • Once user starts to descend they can't stop – Safeland allows the user to stop their descent at any time to avoid hazards.

Safeland Units

Safeland Units are available in Standard Descent lengths of 15mtrs, 32mtrs, 46mtrs, 65mtrs & 76mtrs. Longer lengths available on special order.

Donut also provides various options for hire of Donut units, being short term hire for time of recertification, long term hire to cover increase of POB for major maintenance programs,whereby hiring is more favourable to purchasing, helping spread the costs with a low daily hire rate.

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Donut provides full back-up for product recertification and have in place a reminder service, whereby we advise the owner/operator on the recertification status of all Safeland units installed onboard their turbines/sub-stations, allowing certification compliance to be maintained at all times.

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