Donut Safeland Marine

The Donut Safeland Marine Personal Escape Descent device is the ultimate safety system for an evacuee.

It offers the means of escape from very high structures in hostile environments and ever-changing conditions. This compact and unrestrictive escape device is simple and sure.


Marine Vessels have special needs, including the requirements to achieve effective evacuation escape and rescue in a variety of scenarios. In particular, the following issues must be addressed:

  • Listing – causing conventionally mounted lifeboats and MES to become inoperative.
  • Smoke – affecting helicopter operations.
  • Entrapment – at the bow end for entry into liferafts and the bridge wings or in the event of the main means of escape being rendered inoperative.
  • Boat crew – escape facility for last crew member at boat stations.

Advantages of Safeland over conventional means:
  • Cost – the Safeland (if properly maintained and recertified) need only be purchased once within the lifetime of an asset.
  • Six monthly inspections – Safeland requires to be inspected only once every 5 years within a recognised inspection scheme.
  • Multi-user system, people may have to wait their turn – Safeland is one man, one use, with no need to wait for others.
  • Listing conditions – Safeland is not affected by the vessel listing.
  • Fixed system – Safeland is portable allowing user to choose best time and position to make their escape.
  • Mechanical system – Safeland is a non-mechanical system. It has no moving parts.
  • Once user starts to descend they can't stop – Safeland allows the user to stop their descent at any time to avoid hazards.


Donut provides full back-up for product recertification and have in place a reminder service, whereby we advise the owner/operator on the recertification status of all Safeland units installed onboard their turbines/sub-stations, allowing certification compliance to be maintained at all times.


Hire Packages

Donut also provides various options for hire of Safeland units, being short term hire for time of recertification, long term hire to cover increase of personnel for major maintenance programs or shut down, whereby hiring is more favourable to purchasing, helping spread the costs with a low daily hire rate.


The Safeland Marine Personal Controlled Descent Devices are available in standard descent lengths of 15mtrs, 32mtrs, 46mtrs, 65mtrs & 76mtrs and in either Guidewire Compatible (guided diagonal descent) or Standard (vertical descent) model types. Longer lengths available on special order.

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