Donut Safeland

The risks associated with work at height are well known throughout the Port & Construction Industries

It is reasonable to foresee situations where workers become trapped at height: in Tower Cranes, Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs) or Mast Climbing Work Platforms (MCWPs). Personnel may be in life threatening situations from hazards such as a fire, a dangerous environment or exposure to adverse conditions. They could become unwell through a medical emergency such as a heart attack.

Health and Safety legislation requires the dutyholder to risk assess the use of mechanical handling equipment where the operator works at a high level - to recognise the possibility of the worker being stranded at height. An escape/rescue plan is to be provided which does not rely on the fire and rescue services.

Safeland Descending

Crane Escape

The Donut Safeland Unit is designed for Operator self escape from the Crane Cab or surrounding area, in circumstances such as a fire preventing normal egress.

The Donut Safeland Unit allows the user to lock-off mid descent, unlike inertia reel systems that do not allow the user to stop their descent in the event a hazard is presented below.

MEWP / MCWP Escape

The Donut Safeland Unit is designed for Operator self escape in the event of a total loss of normal or emergency operation and a worker is trapped in the basket at height when a timely repair cannot be carried out. This is especially important for lone workers when transfer to other platforms is not possible. Donut Safeland Devices allow operators to properly safeguard their employees and fulfil their dutyholder requirements


Safeland Units

The Safeland Personal Controlled Descent Devices are available in standard descent lengths of 15mtrs, 32mtrs, 46mtrs, 65mtrs & 76mtrs and in either Guidewire Compatible (guided diagonal descent) or Standard (vertical descent) model types. Longer lengths available on special order.

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