Purpose built facility

Training is provided in Aberdeen from our purpose built facility, which was opened in 1992.

Clients can utilise our training tower which is fitted with a full Donut Escape Station. Designed to simulate the structure and elements of an offshore installation, delegates are provided with a realistic environment in which to complete their training course.

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Training Course Levels

Basic Familiarisation

An introduction to the Donut System via classroom induction and demonstration, covering the points of why, where and how to use the Donut during an emergency evacuation.

Instructor Course

On completion of the one-day instructor course, the delegate is then able to provide Basic Familiarisation or Basic User training as part of the offshore induction program to personnel onboard their installation.

Basic User

Incorporating the principles of the Basic Familiarisation course with the inclusion of practical descents from a height, this provides the delegate with full knowledge and confidence in the use of the Donut System during an emergency evacuation.

Global Training

Recently Donut has provided training courses to overseas clients in America, Australia, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Denmark, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia, Trinidad and South Korea.

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