Donut Safeland Rescue

It is not possible to evacuate injured or unconscious personnel from vessels using traditional fixed means of evacuation.

Our Safeland Rescue unit has been designed for the lowering of injured or unconscious personnel either in the unit's own harness or in conjunction with a suitable stretcher to a lower deck level or directly to the safety of a rescue craft. The Safeland Rescue unit can be retrieved and reused for multiple casualty descents.

The risks associated with work at height are well known throughout the Port & Construction Industries. It is reasonable to foresee situations where workers become trapped at height: in Cranes, Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs) or Mast Climbing Work Platforms (MCWPs). Personnel may be in life threatening situations through injury or a medical emergency such as a heart attack.

Health and Safety legislation requires the dutyholder to risk assess the use of mechanical handling equipment where the operator works at a high level - to recognise the possibility of the worker being injured at height. A rescue plan is to be provided which does not rely on the fire and rescue services.

Injured Party Rescue

The Safeland Rescue units can either be stored at strategic points onboard the installation or stored inside a "grab bag" for use by specialist crew members and medics during an emergency situation.

Advantages of Donut over conventional means:
  • Cost – The Safeland (if properly maintained and recertified) need only be purchased once within the lifetime of an asset.
  • Six monthly inspections – Safeland requires to be inspected only once every 5 years within a recognised inspection scheme.
  • Multi-user system, people may have to wait their turn – Safeland is one man, one use, with no need to wait for others.
  • Listing conditions – Safeland is not affected by the vessel listing.
  • Fixed system – Safeland is portable allowing the user to choose the best time and position to make their escape.
  • Mechanical system – Safeland is a non-mechanical system. It has no moving parts.
  • Once user starts to descend they can't stop – Safeland allows the user to stop their descent at any time to avoid hazards.

Safeland Rescue Units

Safeland Rescue Units are available in standard descent lengths of 15mtrs, 32mtrs, 46mtrs, 65mtrs & 76mtrs. Longer lengths are available on special order.

Donut also provides various options for hire of Safeland Units, being short term hire for time of recertification, long term hire to cover increase of Personnel at time of shut down or maintenance programs, or our specialist hire scheme for long term projects (whereby hiring is more favourable to purchasing, helping spread the costs with a low daily hire rate).

Our hire packages


Donut provides full back-up for product recertification and have in place a reminder service, whereby we advise the owner/operator on the recertification status of all Safeland units installed onboard their turbines/sub-stations, allowing certification compliance to be maintained at all times.

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